Most people have a key to their home on their car keys, or their children have one in their backpack but there are reasons that you may need a backup key for an emergency. You don’t want to leave a key out so that just anyone can see it or find it. You also want to be sure that it is not in a place that someone might check such as hiding right under the front door mat. You also don’t want to go with a hide your key rock that is obviously not a part of your outdoor décor. If you are out of town and forgot that you needed to unplug an appliance or your house alarm is going off you may need to send someone over. That person may not have access to your home so having a hidden key is a great way to get them in and keep your home secure and locked up.

California Lock & Key has a few ways that you can hide a key and still keep your home safe and secure.

Realtor Coded Door Key Box

If you have even gone house shopping with a realtor you may have noticed a small box hanging on the door knob. This is a box that is weatherproof and usually has a code that can be inputted to unlock it. Inside the box is a key that will open the front door lock and get you inside. The great thing is that these boxes are available for personal use as well. The scary thing is that a burglar can target these boxes and get into them and go right in your house. The best thing to do is to choose a friend’s house that lives near you that you can keep the box at so that if you need them to gain access to the house they can. Then the key is in a safe spot that can be reached but not available to be found by just anyone.

Outdoor Key Drop Spot

You can also go with a drop spot. If you need to leave a key for someone you don’t want to leave it hanging around your front door. Most people will check the mat in front of the door or around the door frame to see if anything is hiding up there. If you have a flower pot they can and will check there as well. You can go with a safe spot that is not near your front door but a place that you can tell a neighbor or friend if necessary. If you have an outdoor AC unit you can hide it over there without giving too much away. The unit is usually metal and can hide a key easily without it being noticeable.

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If you can avoid it; don’t leave the key out all the time and forget about it. It is best to only hide it when you are going to be away in case there is an emergency. And if you need a spare key made, your house rekeyed, the locks changed or any other kind of locksmith emergency, contact California Lock & Key!