Even just for a brief moment; everyone has had the gut wrenching feeling of losing your keys and not knowing where they went or who has access to them. You can always have a key duplicated from another key that was not lost or stolen, but now you run the risk of possibly another person having access to your home. This can also be an unsettling feeling if you have moved into a new place. Anyone that has lived there before you could have made as many keys as they wanted to. This can cause concern when you are not clear on who could have a key to get into your home.

California Lock and Key has ways that you can have the locks rekeyed and have you feeling better about who has a key to unlock your home.

New Locks: One way that you can feel better about the security of your home is to have new locks installed. A locksmith can come out to your home and bring all new locks that can be installed on exterior doors. They will then hand over the new keys to you and that will be the only keys that exist for that unique lock. This can be a little more costly than rekeying but can help you feel more at ease. They can also look at the other locks in your home and inspect them to see how secure they are. This will need more hardware that you will need to purchase or pay for and you may need new decorative door handles if you want the finish of the locks to match the door handles too.

Rekeying: Another option that you have to getting your home secure is to have the locks rekeyed. This is a process that a professional locksmith like California Lock & Key can take care of. We will come out with the equipment needed to remove the old locking mechanism and install a new one. This means that the existing lock and handle will remain the same and just the internal mechanism is changed out. The cost of this process is less but the skill is worth more. It is much more technical to rekey a lock since you need to have the knowledge and experience to remove the internal mechanism.

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