Every 44 seconds a vehicle is stolen, and more often than that, an automobile is broken into and cleared of valuables. It’s a little depressing fact that so many people feel they are entitled to the possessions you worked so hard for. But alas, the scrupulous characters are out to make your day go horrible, and either steal your vehicle, your belongings cradled inside or both.

California Lock & Key would like to offer some tips to help prevent car theft and your mode of transportation from being a statistic.

Know where your keys are. It is particularly easy to lift keys when busy shopping, or conversing, or whenever your attention is elsewhere. Don’t keep a spare key on the vehicle itself. Like the phony rock housing a spare key, criminals know where the spare keys are hidden. It is a huge pain to get locked out of your car, but worth not getting your vehicle boosted. California Lock & Key offers 24 hour services to help you if you get locked out of your car. Don’t keep spare keys on your vehicle, and always keep track of your keys, and don’t hand out spares to people unnecessarily.
Keep automobile locked. It seems painfully obvious, but always keep your automobile locked and windows and sunroof buttoned up. Even when your car is safely parked at your own residence, it is crucial to keep your vehicle secure. Avoid being in the habit of cracking windows to the car during the hot summer months as thieves use it as an advantage. Make sure all drivers in your home practice locking up.
Park in well lit areas in range of security cameras. When parking your car, ensure that it is parked in a well lit, heavily populated area. If security cameras are available, park in their range. The more visual protection your car has, the less likely a thief would be so inclined. Parking garages are extremely secluded, and though they were once thought of being an optima place to park your vehicle, they are better avoided. If there is no other choice, park close to security ports and where the most light shines and in front of security cameras.
Refrain from leaving treasures in the vehicle, especially left in view. More often than not, a criminal will take the opportunity to break in when enticed. If the less savory happens upon a vehicle with a purse on the floor, an ipad on the passenger seat, and even a handful a change poured about, they may be inclined to smash out the window and help themselves to an easy score. If you have to leave your items in the automobile, hide them in trunk or under the seat. But be cautious, you never know who may be watching and makes mental notes as to where the goods are.
Anti-theft devices. Not only can an anti-theft device deter the criminal minded, it could benefit you on your insurance premiums.
Don’t leave your car running unattended. Another tip often conceived as common sense. It happens periodically, someone leaves their vehicle running to quickly run into the convenience store, or perhaps to retrieve a family member or friend in a seemingly safe neighborhood. As mentioned before, crime is repeatedly committed from circumstance and opportunity. Don’t make it easy for them.
Technological recovery tools. The modern gadgets such as GPS or OnStar are extremely great tools in retrieving a vehicle that has been take. Police often get them back very quickly when automobiles are featured with retrieval features.

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California Lock & Key hopes these tips help preserve your vehicle. If you find yourself in need of any locksmith services, call us today!