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Our automobiles top the “Luxurious Need List”. We rely so heavily on our vehicles that most often than not we take them for granted. Especially in believing the security of them will work flawlessly every time. There are a number of ways our source of transportation may need a technician from California Lock and Key. Some may not have even been considered. Here are several examples an expert might be in need in regards for automotive locksmith services: For your ignition; Locksmith Car Ignition Re-Key, Change Out, Replacement or Repair. Another obvious need may be your keys such as; Car Key Cut, Re-Key, Lost Key Replacement, Broken Car Key Removal. On the more hi-tech side of your keys can include; Programming Chip Keys, Transponder Car Keys, Replacement of Computer Chip Auto Key, Laser Cut Car Keys, High Security Car Keys and Key Fob Replacement.

Automotive Locksmith Services

For any reason these auto locksmith services are needed, it’s usually at the worst time imaginable. Getting locked out of your car usually includes an embarrassing tale. But sometimes we actually can blame the offending vehicle with mechanical error or simple wear and tear. Ignition problems probably don’t occur to most to get a locksmith involved; they go straight to costly mechanic, when a capable technician is most likely your most wallet friendly way to get the job done.

Key Stuck in Ignition

An extremely common problem with the ignition is when the key gets stuck. This frequent nuisance is due to the manufacture’s choice to use a split wafer ignition. The wafers can be worn down from constant use. Not only do we have the erosion problem, but it’s prone for dirt and dust to make its way in there causing us problems. Whatever the wretched cause may be, once the wafers are out of position it will be close to impossible to remove or insert your key into the ignition. Good news is this won’t happen without any warning. First you will notice that you have to wiggle your key a few times to get into or out of the ignition switch before the wafers are completely out of place. However, if you ignore the signs, you will have no choice but to call a professional. The cost of a tow truck to your closest dealer is a pricey package but fortunately easy to avoid. Simply call one our mobile locksmith professionals to aide you back on the road.

High Tech Keys

Another common problem is those hi-tech keys. Each is cut and programmed for your vehicle of choice. Being that so many of the population are prone to losing things with keys topping that list, it’s a good idea to have a few spares made. But sometimes on those dark and ominous nights, or even on a bright and cheery day, we find our keys have grown legs and wondered into Narnia, or wherever socks disappear to. It’s an easy fix with certified members of California Lock and Key.

Professional Mobile Auto Locksmith Services in Burbank, Van Nuys, Long Beach, Thousand Oaks, Santa Clarita, Culver City, Northridge & West Los Angeles CA

Our vast automotive locksmith service menu will get you back on the road no matter what kind of lock and key problems keep you from enjoying your day. Contact us for all your locksmith needs!

What is the best way to prevent a thief from breaking into your home? You first reaction is to remember to lock your doors and windows. But the truth is that if someone really wants to break into your home, they will. The goal of your locks is to frustrate and hinder the interloper long enough to be detected and the alarm to be raised. What can you do to help safeguard your home? You can make breaking into your home an uncomfortable experience. Take a walk around your home and grounds and look for signs of weakness that make it easy for a burglar to gain entry to your home. Consult a professional locksmith to evaluate your home and property to determine the best way to insure the safety of your family and the integrity of your home or business.

Exterior Door Deadbolt Lock Installation Requirements

California Lock and Key is a locally owned and operated as well as fully licensed, insured and certified professional locksmith service. Our highly trained and experienced locksmith technicians are available 24/7 and equipped with the latest modern technology to assist you with all of your lock and key needs. The skilled and professional technicians at California Lock and Key recommend that your exterior doors have at least one deadbolt lock, with a one inch throw. This means that the bolt passes at least one inch into the door frame. Make sure your deadbolt is properly installed by contacting your California Lock and Key locksmith rather than DIY. If the throw is not deep enough to allow the bolt to fully engage, the deadbolt is not effective and will not provide the security you need to protect your home.

Sliding Glass Door Parts

If you have sliding glass doors, make sure you have them evaluated. Traditionally a patio is one of the most vulnerable entry points into your home since it is at the back of the house and is usually hidden from view. Sliding glass doors are typically secured by a single latch, if the latch is incorrectly installed, it is possible to lift the door out of the frame even when it is locked, speak to your California Lock and Key professional locksmith about a secondary form of lock for your glass patio doors to ensure they are properly protected and secured. Install motion-sensitive flood lights at the rear of your property to deter burglars at night. For protection during the day make sure to trim your shrubs to allow a good view of your back yard from the house.

When to Change Locks on House

California Lock and Key recommends changing your locks anytime you move into a house, apartment of business. Change locks if you lose a key, if you give out keys to repairmen or contractors or anyone else who is not a regular holder. For business owners, change locks whenever an employee resigns even if they did turn their keys in. For safety purposes and as an added precaution, change locks on your home or business every couple of years even if you haven’t had any problems in the past. Contact California Lock and Key today and speak with a customer service associate about changing your locks and any of your other locksmith needs. The professional locksmiths at California Lock and Key are available 24 hours a day for emergency locksmith and security situations from lockouts and break-ins to installations and replacements of all kinds of hardware.

  • Automotive Locksmith

    From car and truck lockouts to transponder and chipped keys replacement to lock and ignition repair, California Lock & Key will meet all of your locksmith needs in the Greater Los Angeles area.

  • Residential Locksmith

    California Lock & Key understands that your highest priority is keeping your family safe. We can assist in a variety of ways from home lockouts to screen sliding and entry door locks and security services.

  • Commercial Locksmtih

    Business owners and managers have a responsibility to keep their employees and customers safe. California Lock & Key offer high security locks, full access system consultations and more.

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