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Nothing is worse than when you go to use your house key or office key only to find that it sticks when you try and use it. You may spend time outside the door jiggling and wiggling the key to try and get it to work. This can be embarrassing if people are waiting on you and nerve wracking when you just want the safety of being inside the premises. It can also be a real hindrance and take away unnecessary time from your busy schedule. What could be wrong and why will your key not work?

California Lock & Key has prepared a list of the three main reasons a key stops functioning and also how to get your key working in your lock again.

1. The key has been used A LOT and is worn: This is the exact opposite of having a frozen lock that has not been used in a long time. This is when a key is so old and has been used so often that it stats to wear away and the cuts in the key start to dull and get too worn down. This can also be a result of the lock being over used and wearing away as well. This can make it so that the key will not engage in the lock and not allow the unit to turn either way.
2. The key is broken or chipped: This can be when a part of the key has been broken off. You can also have a piece inside the lock that has been broken and that will make it so that the key no longer fits in the lock. This can also happen when the key breaks off in the lock and cannot be removed.
3. The key could be what is called corroded or frozen lock. This happened more than often when a key has not been used for very long time and has gotten stuck in either the locked position or the unlocked position so long the metal starts to corrode and cause the area to be very hard to re-engage the lock.

There is one trick you can try to solve a corroded or frozen lock. California Lock & Key recommends you try to lube the key and the lock. You can use graphite which can be purchased at a home improvement store. Take the key and rub on some of the graphite and insert in back in the lock. You want to engage and disengage the lock several times so that the lube can work throughout the lock and key to ensure that it is working properly. This may be what fixes the problem and has your key working like new again.

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If you find that the above tip hasn’t worked or you know that the key is worn down or broken, call California Lock & Key to come out and make new keys or replace the broken lock.

Many reasons that you require a locksmith are not always in an emergency situation. If you need a duplicate key to give to a family member you could call a mobile locksmith to come out and have it done at your leisure. This is when you can take your time to choose a locksmith and be comfortable with who is making and replacing your keys.

California Lock and Key have outlined four top reasons that you may need to have an emergency locksmith come out to you.

Locked Out – This is a serious situation that always stops you dead in your tracks. Whether you are locked out of your home, office or car you will need the services of an emergency locksmith. The bigger problem with locking yourself out is that you are usually when you are on your way somewhere. Everyone has a busy schedule and getting locked out could get you all the way off track. Call an emergency locksmith service to come out and help you get back in. The great thing is that whether it happens day or night, we can get you back in.

Lost Keys – This is one of the worst feelings out there. When you go to get your keys out of your pocket or out of your bag and notice they are gone. This could mean that they are lost or someone could have stolen them. The scary thing is that someone could now have access to your home, car or office (or all three) and the best thing to do is to replace the keys immediately. This might also mean that you were going for your keys for a reason and need to be in, out or going somewhere. An emergency locksmith can come out and get you a new key made right away.

Locks or Keys Don’t Work – If you go up to your lock and try the key and it just will not work you may need to have a new key. Sometimes locks can go bad and they need to be replaced. This can be done by an emergency locksmith so that you can be back doing what you need to do as quickly as possible.

Forced Entry Causing a Broken Lock: This is a terrible feeling to come home to. You walk in the door to notice that someone has broken down one of the doors and gained access to your home. They could have taken items that belong to you and in the meantime broken the lock that is currently on the door. You don’t want to leave the house like this so you will want a locksmith that can come out right away to take care of installing a new lock.

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